Philippine Love: Potipot Lull

10:08 PM

Imagine a place where you can hear sea waves and feel fine sand in your feet. You can walk around the place in just minutes. You feel isolated from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Imagine Potipot.

I've always wanted to go to Potipot Island. It doesnt require a plane or an 12-hour drive to go to this peaceful island in Candelaria, Zambales. Potipot Island is a small paradise that doesnt leave you bankrupt. You can ride a Victory bus in Caloocan City going to Sta. Cruz and in around six hours you're already near. You can either get a room in the mainland and take a boat to the island or pitch a tent in the island itself for the night. Don't forget to pay the fee.

Renting a boat wont be a problem as there are fishermen readily available. It takes roughly 15 minutes to reach the island.

Enjoy walking around the small island. Count the hermit crabs walking around the shore. Soak your feet in the clear waters. Buy fresh catch from the fishermen early in the morning.

Potipot would be the place for some solitary reading, romantic getaways, and self-meditation. It's a place you would want to call your own. You look around and you see mountains, water and sand.

Trip details:
Where we stayed: Alta Nina Resort
Beachfront Room: Php1,700.00/night max of 6 people (2 double beds + 2 extra mattresses)
No. of nights: 2
Transportation: Van Php8,000.00 (alternative: bus with fare around Php400-500)

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