Budget Breakdown: CDO and Camiguin

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My friends know I got to travel due to my work. I went to Baler and Leyte because of my work in UP. I then got to go to Vietnam and Malaysia because of the conferences we managed in my current company. Back in college, I went to Davao because of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. Technically, my CDO/Camiguin trip is the first trip I planned and spent my own money. Boracay last March was booked through a travel agent so they did the flight and hotel booking. 

Initially, this was my cost estimate for our trip:
CDO/Camiguin Trip Cost Estimate

Airfare: P450.00
Paras Beach resort (Camiguin): P834.00
Victoria Suites (CDO): P350.00
Ferry to Camiguin: P130 
Multicab for Camiguin tour: P500.00
Cab to Agora Market: P100
Bus to Balingoan: P130
Camiguin entrance fees: P100.00
Boat to White Island: P400.00
White Water rafting: P900.00
Photos of white water: P85.00
Food allowance: P1000.00
TOTAL: Php4979/person

Holding entrance tickets

Here's our final expenses tally:

Check in baggage - P400
Terminal fee - P200/person
Airfare - P450/person
Taxi to Agora Market - P250
Bus to Balingoan Port - P135/person
Ferry to Camiguin - P150/person
Breakfast at canteen beside port - P116
Port terminal fee - P7.00/person
Multicab rent (Camiguin tour) - P1500
Katibawasan falls entrance fee - P15.00/person
Old Volcano Stations of the Cross entrance fee - P5.00/person
Hot Springs entrance fee - P30.00/person
Dinner at Luna Ristorante - P748.00

Boat rent to White Island - P500.00
Snorkeling gear rental - P100.00 (we only shared one snorkeling gear)
Entrance to White Island - P20.00/person
Beach umbrella (because it rained a little) - P100
Paras Beach Resort - P2,500
Pastel 6pcs (for sharing on the way home) - P65.00
Lunch at J&A Fishpen - P682.00
Ferry back to Balingoan Port - P150.00/person
Bus to Agora Market - P135.00/person
Taxi to Victoria Suites (CDO) - P90.00
Taxi to Brew Berry Cafe - P70.00
Dinner - P620.00

Victoria Suites - P1000.00
White Water Rafting - P700.00/person
White Water Rafting photos - P250.00
Lunch - P634.00
Taxi to Limketkai - P80.00
Taxi to airport - P350.00
Airport terminal fee - P30.00/person

TOTAL (per person): P4883.33

Surprisingly, we are within budget even if I forgot to make our transpo costs two-way. I spent around P6000.00 including pasalubong. It's cheaper to buy pasalubong in Camiguin. You can get keychains for just P5.00! We had a hard time finding pasalubong from CDO. All they suggested were pastels (which we  bought from Camiguin as advised).

Contact Details:
Camiguin Multicab - Kuya Rico: 09064917598
Eco Extreme Rafting Adventure - 0917 7238464

White Island in Camiguin

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  1. Thanks for sharing! big help since we are going to CDO/Camiguin next week! I followed your blog as well. =)

  2. You're welcome! Glad to be of help. Followed you back. Awesome photos in your blog!

  3. you're very much welcome! enjoy your trip! :)

  4. How was Kuya Rico? I'm thinking of getting him too as our transpo/tour guide in Camiguin trip this end of July.

  5. @John he was really kind :) He wasn't our guide during our first day but our first guide bailed on us the second day so we got him. He actually asked for what we wanted to do before suggesting our route. :)

  6. hi im teddy. im from camiguin i have a 2units of multicab in here available for tours and ill be your tour guide. here is my number 09392440521, website; www.camiguintransport.blogspot.com. island tour cost is only php 1,300

  7. my friends and i are planning to go to camiguin this may can you suggest a cheaper packages for the island tour including hotel

  8. @dadzki

    hi, for island tour you can actually haggle with multicab drivers for your package. There are a lot once you arrive at Camiguin. :) For the hotel, Paras is actually a bit expensive. Check out this site for a list of accommodations: http://www.camiguintourismassociation.com/ :)

    A DIY package will always be cheaper ;)

    Enjoy your trip!



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