Hello CDO: Tips on first trip planning

12:16 AM

Last June 2010, my best girl friends and I impulsively bought tickets to Cagayan de Oro because of Cebu Pacific’s Piso sale. We initially planned for Davao or Cebu but tickets were sold out. We picked a random place in Mindanao and just booked by lunch time.

We had no idea what to do in CDO but thanks to the internet we had our rough itinerary: white water rafting and Camiguin tour. All I needed to do was plan a more concrete itinerary before our flight. 

When it’s your first time to plan a trip itinerary, there are many things that you may miss.
Throughout the planning and the trip itself, I listed my basic do's and don'ts from creating your itinerary and cost estimate to listing down your actual expenses.

1. DO research first. Most travel blogs list fares, costs and entrance fees. This will give you an overview on how much the trip will cost you and how you can save during the trip.

2. DON'T forget to include in your budget the tips you will be giving to your guides during your activities. Also include tips to taxi/van drivers.

3. DO have a list of things to bring (include candies and snacks to save you from hunger).

4. DO make your transportation cost estimate TWO-WAY (funny how I forgot about this). So that bus ride to Camiguin will cost P320.00 since you eventually have to go back to CDO through the same bus ride.

5. DO make more than one trip cost estimate. Best to know your options. Also, chances are your trip money is from your hard-earned salary so every penny counts.

6. DO bring a notebook to list your expenses. This is handy especially if you're in a group and you divide everything among yourselves. In our case, we just give what we have at certain moments and compute our cost for the day. We then tally who owes what. At the end of the day, our expenses even out.

7. DO check with your travel companions which budget and itinerary works for them. You may disagree on some places and it's best to settle these issues before you're actually there. This saves you time especially if you're  on a tight schedule.

8. (In relation to no.7) DON'T block all time slots for activities. Make room for spontaneity. While planning, I made our Sunday afternoon and night free for whatever activity we wanted to do upon arriving back in CDO. We spent our Saturday and Sunday morning in Camiguin.

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  1. woah!!! these are cool tips!!!

    thanks for visiting and following my Blog... i've followed u too... and added u on my links! =D

  2. thanks! I love your blog! Havent finished reading all the entries :P

  3. Nice tips. When I travel, most of the time I am not prepared and always to forget something. haha. Next time, I will follow all these. Thanks for sharing.

    Soledad from Cagayan de Oro (www.cdokay.com)

  4. No problem :) I still do forget things once in a while during travel.



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