Philippine Love: Lax at Bora

8:07 PM

Boracay would be the beach destination everyone would likely have on their list. I never added it to mine because I wanted my beach getaways to actually be a getaway from the commercialized, busy lifestyle I've been living for years now. Boracay is famous for its night life. You could party in your bikini, hit the bars and drink the night away while dancing with sand on your feet. Not my ideal getaway.

I went to Boracay with my friends to have a quick and fun getaway from our office lives. Sans the partying. I was actually relaxed the whole weekend. All I did was eat, sleep, and walk around in my bikini.

Things I Learned:
1. Bring more swimsuits than underwear. You'd be spending more time wearing swimsuits. Even if it's late at night and you're just having coffee at Cafe del Sol. Best to just pack your best swimsuits, a couple of summer dresses, white shirts and maong shorts.

2. Warm up your legs before going there. You're in for a lot of walking. Do take note you wont be walking in concrete. Have the perfect flip flops ready to walk in the fine, white sand of Boracay. Make sure it's durable enough for other activities such as ATV and island hopping.

3. Go with a lot of friends, everything becomes cheaper and more fun. People offer higher discounts to bigger groups for activities such as helmet diving, go kart racing, island hopping and banana boat riding.

4. Delayed flights can result to you eating at a local restaurant and having the best grilled chicken and squid you're ever tasted. Don't be afraid to try local cuisine. You don't always have to eat at the most expensive or known restaurant in the town.
5. Stop trying to connect to the internet when you're on vacation. First, there can't possibly be a signal in every part you go. Second, you don't have to update yourself with work and other people because you're having time for yourself. Third, you can't possibly bring your phone the whole day at the beach.
6. In2it Eyebrow powder is indeed waterproof! Best to bring on the beach when you want photos with those properly-lined eyebrows.
7. Always bring a jacket even if you're going to the beach. Turned out our first night was a drizzling night . I was freezing since all I brought were shirts and maong shorts.

Things I did rather than party:

1. Had a beach walk at night under the full moon with my guy

2. Wrote on my moleskine and played Veggie Samurai at Cafe del Sol

3. Ate a lot of grilled food from different restaurants

4. Lay in the sand, bought taho and just watched the waves

5. Took a lot of photos. Because the white sand and pristine blue green water of Bora looks perfect in photos.

6. Rode an ATV with friends to get a view of Boracay

7. Shopped at D'Talipapa for souvenirs and dresses

Things I wanted to try next time I'm in Boracay:
1. Helmet Diving
2. Paraw Sailing
3. Eat a Chori burger
4. Try out more restaurants
5. CLIFF DIVING at Ariel's Point! (It has always been on my "bucket list" to cliff dive)

Contact Details:
La Carmela de Boracay Resort Hotel (Beach front, Station 2)
Reservation nos: (036) 288-5423 or 288-5572
Cell no. 09189376573 / 09177199970

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  1. I love the jump shot. Also the chori burgers are really really good.

    What is veggie samurai?

  2. Thanks! Will definitely try chori burgers when we go back! :D

    Veggie Samurai is an iTunes app/game where you slice veggies. Pretty addictive!



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