Take me with you: Globe Superstick

8:26 PM

My guy bought a Globe superstick two weeks ago to use during his stay in Lipa for work. It has been working well and we have been able to Skype on weekdays. Last Saturday we went to La Luz in San Juan, Batangas for some quick beach getaway. He brought his superstick with him and it did wonders for our stay.

Globe Superstick provides you wifi and allows upto 3 devices connected all at the same time. This is quite convenient for us as a couple since I have my smartphone and my guy has his phone, iTouch and sometimes his laptop. During our quick getaway, we were connected to Facebook and Twitter while lazily lying on the cabana and having a couple's massage. There was free wifi in La Luz but it was limited to the dining area. We preferred staying in one of the beach chairs facing the sea while surfing the internet. The connection is quite fast compared to my mobile HSDPA. It's also travel size (smaller than my Samsung Spica) and powered by battery. Battery lasts 4 hours of continuous use. You can easily buy a spare battery or have a ready USB charger.

I actually loved the experience of Superstick during our weekend that I've added this to one of my list of things to bring during local travel. Will test it in other areas to see if signal is still strong.

Below is Globe's Superstick banner in their website:

For more info: http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/product/

p.s. this is not a sponsored post :)

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