Piso Fare Moments: Tips on Seat Sales

12:08 AM

Because I booked yet another flight...

Tips on Seat Sales:
1. Best way to know there's a seat sale is through Twitter. Follow those airline accounts to score those cheap flights! @cebupacificair @flyPAL @ZestAirZ2 @airphilexpress @AirAsia
2. Have a ready list of places you want to visit on-hand. Seats are being booked as you ponder where to go. Also, you and your companions can share scouting the dates and flights for different locations you all want to visit. Makes it easier than deciding on-hand where you want to go. Saves you time and regret (for not getting the flight). 
3. Know the taxes included. Your base fare does not translate to your total airfare. Review every detail. You might end up paying so much because of the baggage costs, travel insurance, donations, etc. In short, thread slowly but surely.
4. (as informed by my friend), Cebu Pacific tends to overbook their flights by 20%. So make sure once you've booked yourself, arrive early at the airport to check-in.
5. Sometimes, impulsiveness can take you places. So if you have the money, then book a weekend at an unfamiliar place and discover something new.

Let me know if you have your rules/tips during seat sales! :)

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  1. Dito nalang ako magrereply sa comment nyo po sa blog ko :)))) Salamat po sa tulong para sa practicon AVP namin! :)

    (I'm a fan of seat sales din! hahahaha. And I followed your blog since we both seem to like traveling :P)

  2. Thanks! Glad to be of help ;) Pagbutihin ang pag-aaral :))

  3. And have a ready list of your companion's details para copy+paste na lang sa pag-fill up ng forms =P

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

  4. @Christian
    I'll definitely add that to my list! Thanks! ;)

  5. nice post! sana makatsamba din kami ng piso fare next time.. :)

  6. @MarLiesTravels

    Medyo hindi na kasing mura ng dating piso fare ang piso fare ngayon sa CebuPac :(



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