Bangkok Hangover: Chao Phraya River Tour

6:50 AM

You're standing in front of your hotel. You're waiting for a taxi to take you to the Grand Palace when one of the standby drivers suggests you take a 30-minute river boat to the Grand Palace. He says it's a much better trip. He even offered to take you to the port for just 50 Baht. Do you:
a) Shrug off the driver and think it's all a scam
b) Ask some more questions then agree

Maybe some of you picked choice a and some of you picked choice b. Based on this entry's title, it's obvious we picked B.

Our reasons are:
a) We think it's better to see temples around the river than buildings
b) We were feeling a bit adventurous
c) We had some time to spare.

And so, the boat ride begins..



Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

After alighting from the boat, we felt we made the right choice.

50Baht - taxi ride
500Baht per person - boat rental
20 Baht - Wat Arun entrance
30 Baht - Grand Palace port fee

If you're looking for a taxi contact, we recommend our taxi driver. He's polite and very accommodating.
Name: Somsak
Mobile: (international) +66 819229371
Thai: 081-9229371

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