Bangkok Hangover: Milk Tea Galore

10:32 PM

Milk tea shops sprouted like mushrooms here in the Philippines this year. I have been in love with tea ever since college. Or after my heart started palpitating after two cups of coffee. It was such a joy to have more options of tea rather than Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Moroccan mint was my fave tea latte.

Milk tea was cheaper then my usual cup of SBC. Still, I spared my wallet from having a daily fix of milk tea. Bangkok was a different case. Milk tea shops were everywhere! From the BTS stations to Ploenchit center to Dreamworld to the streets of Grand Palace. They were really everywhere. And they were a lot cheaper than in Manila.

I had my first Thai milk tea from Zipp bar in Ploenchit center. It was an impulsive buy. I hadn't had coffee since we came but I was sleeping late everyday. I needed caffeine. So I bought myself a trio milk tea. It had fruit jelly, pearl tapioca and coconut jelly. Definitely for a sweet tooth.

The second time I was there I decided to have the Thai milk tea. Thai milk tea is sweeter than pearl milk tea. Yet, it had the right kick of tea. It's preferred by my taste buds than those here in Manila.  And they cost only 40-50 Baht.

Enjoying my Thai milk tea at our secretariat
We bought this 10 Baht cup of milk tea shake while walking to the Reclining Buddha. It was such a refreshing drink that hot Sunday noon. It was even tastier than the 35Baht pearl milk tea from a stall in Dreamworld.

Cheap street milk tea!
Dreamworld cute but too watery milk tea
I wasnt able to try Paruu Paruu found in MBK Center (ground floor in the supermarket) and Ochaya in the National Stadium station. Their prices range almost the same with Zipp bar.

You can never have enough milk tea in Bangkok. Try those on the streets because they're cheap and can be a surprising treat. As for my Manila days, I'll settle for red bean milk tea with extra mousse from Chatime or that cheap choco milk tea from Bubbatealicious.

You can find a list of other milk tea shops in Bangkok here.

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