I, Starfish: Why I Travel

7:15 PM

The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. (Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer)

I never rode an airplane when I was a kid. My first road trip to the far north of Luzon took place when I was ten. All those young years I traveled not through planes or cars but through books. I read adventures of people going to places. They experience life in a way no one could while being stuck in their own homes. They walked around unfamiliar streets. They meet an array of personalities. Each encounter opened their mind to a bigger world. Frankly, I want to experience that every single day of my life.

I wanted to have my own adventure. I wanted to stop reading about other people's stories and start writing my own. I may have started late and I may be doing smaller steps than others. But that doesn't stop me from writing my own stories and capturing memories through photographs with my three-year old point and shoot camera. I travel because I seek adventure. I travel to have a more open eye and mind.

It is when you travel that you are pushed beyond limitations. You leave your own safe bubble. You are tested to become a better person. You develop a self of identity while being lost in a foreign land.

There's also no such feeling as coming home after being away. You learn to appreciate the simple things you've taken from granted before you were away. You appreciate the unlimited gravy in your local fast food chain because other countries charge you for one small cup. You indulge in that cheap cup of Milo because it became an expensive luxury when you were in another country.

Then there's that sense of enlightenment every time I'm away from home. I remember my friend telling me she is in the "I don't need a boyfriend" state while she was in Vigan. I told her it was because of the place. New places tend to give me a sense of accomplishment, confidence and independence.

I am to do more as the years pass. I am yet to hitchhike, do my own RTW and backpack around the Philippines.

(This was inspired by this post and this tumblog)

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  1. great thoughts caz! I have the same feeling, everytime i am away i don't feel the need of internet but when i am home I can't survive without it. :)

  2. Thanks teng! I do tend to lessen if not skip my internet usage when I'm away. The world has a lot to offer than the internet when you're on the road.

  3. It's never too late to start traveling. I always get excited when I read about someone following his/her heart and trying to achieve a dream against all odds. More adventures, gurl.

  4. Thanks! That means a lot coming from someone like you :)

  5. Beautiful post, I've yet to write down my thoughts as to why I travel.

    Post ka naman ng mga travel books that you used to read =]

    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

  6. Thanks Christian! :) Looking forward to your post on this.
    I'll list books I've read on travel in the future (after I finish my backlogs). Thanks for the tip! ;)

  7. "There's also no such feeling as coming home after being away. You learn to appreciate the simple things you've taken from granted before you were away."

    I can attest to this. There's nothing like travel that can allow you to come home and notice everything about your own "backyard". You realize home is always the same, but it is you who is utterly changed.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. @The SoleSisters
    Thanks for the comment! It's nice to have somewhere to call home that you can really appreciate after being away. I agree with being a changed person upon coming home. No matter how long or short the travel was, there will always be a part of me that has changed. Always for the better I hope :)



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