Take me with you: Scarves

9:54 PM

I was not always a fan of scarves. I thought they were meant to be worn when you're in Europe or New York. I bought my first scarf when I was looking for an ensemble for my first meeting with a publisher for a fashion magazine. I wanted to look good. I had a white top and a black skirt. All I did to spice up my outfit was a ruffled scarf.

I did not stop buying scarves. I thought they were perfect for corporate and smart casual attires. It was not until my trip to Bangkok that I fully appreciated my pretty, pink, floral scarf.

I used it almost everyday. I had it in my bag everywhere I went. I used it when the aircon was too cold at our secretariat. I made it my head cover when it started drizzling on our way to Ronny's pizza. I used it as a belt. I covered my cold water bottle with it before placing in my bag. I used it to tie my hair on a hot day. I used it not to get wet during our river tour. There is so much you can do with a scarf. It wont also take up so much space in your luggage. You can bring basic tops and have your scarf brighten your outfit. Scarves are now one of my travel essentials.

Sunday church 
Bonus: here's a short video on different ways of wearing scarves I found in YouTube.

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  1. haha scarves. I bought a lot of them when we visited Cambodia. perfect pasalubong for friends back home! mura kasi! tig 1.50 USD lang! :D


  2. @Edcel wow 1.50 USD! imma hoard kapag ganun. :D



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