Bangkok Hangover: Dreamworld

1:34 AM

Dreamworld isn't exactly my dream world. It doesn't have as much fun rides as Enchanted Kingdom. Their 1000 Baht package is too expensive for my taste even if it included a lunch buffet, entrance to Snow Town and hotel transfer. The only fun thing we did at Dreamworld Bangkok is take a lot of photos. And ride the elephant which isn't exactly the experience I was looking for. I wanted to ride an elephant that would cross the river or something. However, we couldn't experience that unless we go to Ayutthaya or the other places in northern Thailand.

We did take advantage of our ride-all-you-can ticket even if there aren't that much rides. We rode the rollercoaster, monorail and cable car.

We also sled down the "ice mountain" of Snow Town. 

We delighted ourselves with their lunch buffet. And again, took as much photos as we can.

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  1. 1k baht is indeed pricey! But that snow sled looks really cool!

  2. It is pricey especially since I wanted to shop more. Luckily we had our per diem as it was a company trip. The snow sled is fun, except the climbing up the "mountain" part. :))



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