Friday Favorites no.1

1:32 AM

Just a quick break from travel stories. Here are two videos that made me more excited for upcoming travels. Also, my favorite blog  read for the week

1.The MOVE video. I love  how one minute can show a lot about travelling.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

2. Moleskine Passions TRAVEL JOURNAL. Moleskine just got more perfect! "A part from notes you have space for checklists, calendars, international airports, timezones, climates and temperatures, followed by subject sections for wish lists, planning, weekends, short trips and long trips." I don't care how expensive this is gonna be when it reaches Philippine shore. I am still buying this.

3. Check out The Sole Sister's Guide to Chic Backpacking. Because you can travel in style if you want to.

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