Singapore Galore: ABC

4:48 AM

According to Wikipedia, Iced Kachang is mostly known as "ABC" which stands for Air Batu Campur (means "Mixed Ice").

Lavender Food Square
I first had my Iced Kachang (or called Bobo Chacha by my colleague) on a casual dinner at Lavender Food Square. It costs only S$1.00. Basically it's shaved ice, colored syrup, milk and beans. It's like those rainbow mountains you see on your niece's television shows. You can imagine unicorns going around your bowl of iced kachang.

DIY Iced Kachang at Copthorne's King Hotel

Aside from the rainbow colors, it's actually such a sweet, refreshing delight.

ice ice baby!
Syrup and milk

Your "underpings" (not toppings coz they're not on top XD)

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  1. Yummy ABC! I tried different flavours in Malaysia and i'm now a big fan :)

  2. I should try doing one here at home. haha it's so cheap but yummyyy



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