Budget Breakdown: Caramoan-CWC trip

2:44 AM

I didn't plan our Caramoan-CWC trip that well which is a big mistake because we ended up spending more than our estimated budget. It is always better to plan as detailed as possible (with some decent room for adjustment) so that you won't end up spending a lot more than what you should.

Initially, this was our rough cost estimate:

Van (Legazpi to Naga): Php600 per person (two-way)
Boat ride: Php250php/way
Airfare: 290/person (roundtrip Piso fare)

Accommodation and tour package:
Caramoan tour package: Php2,800/person
CWC Accommodation: Php2,200 (triple-sharing)

Food: Php500/person
Souvenir: Php500/person
Miscellaneous (contingency): Php800.00

Total Cost per person: Php6,725.00

Minalahos Island

Actual Expense Tally:

Trike to Legazpi van terminal - Php200/person
Van Legazpi to Naga - Php210/person
Van Naga to Sabang - Php100/person
Boat Sabang to Guijalo, Caramoan - Php120/person
Boat rental Guijalo to Sabang - Php3000
Van rental Sabang to CWC - Php1500
Van Naga to Legazpi - Php210/person

Tour Package c/o Sights and Sand Tourist Inn (Caramoan 2 days/1 night)

Dinner at CWC Clubhouse - Php720
Breakfast at CWC Clubhouse - Php535

Terminal Fee (Manila) - Php300.00
Terminal Fee (Legazpi) - Php30.00
Caramoan Tshirt - Php170.00
Straw hat - Php50.00

TOTAL: Php7062.00/person

Guijalo Port

That's actually a huge jump from our cost estimate given that I even placed contingency. And I spent way more than our CDO-Camiguin trip! So many lessons learned on this trip. Curious why we ended up renting our own van and boat? Will write about that soon.

And yes, it's a big mistake to take the Legazpi flight if you're going to Caramoan. Unless you have so much time to spare. Unfortunately, my friend is scared of the Naga airport so we didn't have much choice. Good thing they're my best girl friends so the ride was quite pleasant.

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  1. Mahal ata talaga pag nag hire kayo ng van especialy pag konti lang kayu.

    Lakad Pilipinas

  2. @christian, we had no choice :( Kailangan nasa CWC kami ng Saturday night XD



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