Captivating Caramoan: Island Hopping

5:12 AM

Caramoan is indeed paradise. I only had glimpses of paradise since we only visited three island - Sabitang Laya, Minalahos Island and Matukad Island. I was excited for the sand bar but we had little time to actually go there. More reason to go back in the future and spend more than one whole day there!

I have never swam in still waters such as that of Sabitang Laya. I love the beach but the waves sometimes kill me. I love the powdery, white sand of each beach.

Photos cannot bring justice to the beauty of Caramoan. But this is me trying.

Matukad Island

Minalahos Island

Sabitang Laya (my favorite)

UPDATE: If you're looking for a contact for island hopping, you can contact Dhexter at +63489506266. My mom, dad and sister went there this summer and he was very accommodating and kept updating me where they are even if I'm here in Makati. :) Text him for any questions!

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