Bacolod Bliss: Calea Cakes

11:13 PM

Cheesecakes had always been one of my favorite desserts. That is not to say that I liked every cheesecake I've tried. Some were too soft, others were so little cheese and so much cake. There were those that were too plain for my taste. But Calea... Calea's cheesecake was good! If you're not up for cheesecakes, don't worry. They have a wide selection of cake (even ice cream cakes!) that can surely satisfy your sweet tooth.
We first tried Fruity Cheesecake and Chocolate Crunch on our first visit. Since it was Sunday morning, we also had coffee to go with our cake. I wasn't a fan of the Fruity Cheesecake but the Chocolate Crunch was at the right sweetness. I never liked my cakes too sweet since it limits the amount of cake I can actually eat without choking.

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On our second visit I fell in love. Their white chocolate raspberry was divine! Raspberry puree was on the side, allowing me to take a slice of the delectable cheesecake and the dipping it to my heart's desire. I wish cheesecakes came in this plating!

337464_10150468810498830_2100351375_o And the price? Nothing over a 100php. Definitely worth that purple bill!
Calea has a homey Mediterranean interior - with its white and baby blue walls and accents. I wouldn't mind staying here while reading some John Green on a Sunday afternoon.

384121_10150468772313830_1586704456_n Calea is a sure stop when you're in the City of Smiles. Sometimes I wish they had a branch here in Makati just like Bob's.

Located at: Balay Quince Building, 15th Lacson Street, Bacolod City (in front of L'Fisher Hotel)

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