Bacolod Bliss: L'Fisher Hotel

7:10 PM

It's nice to spoil yourself sometimes. After a hard day's work, you would love to just go sleep in a comfy bed. So after two days of staying at Bascon Hotel, we checked out and moved our temporary stay to L'Fisher Hotel. L'Fisher continues to be one of the most famous hotels for tourists and businessmen in Bacolod. We opted for the original L'Fisher Hotel although J's friend informed us the new wing is cheaper and nicer. I would agree on it being nicer mainly because of the infinity pool it houses.

What is it with water and me? Is it because I'm a water sign? I have always loved being the water, whether be in the sea or just your average swimming pool. I fell in love with L'Fisher's pool. You take the elevator from the new wing to go to the rooftop. Elevator door opens and you see a view of Bacolod. At your right is a pool that screams relaxation, a bar that entails escape and a restaurant that offers comfort. I marveled at the infinity pool with a bar in the middle. The pool is only 4 feet. This is happiness for a 4’11” girl who sucks at threading but swims occasionally.  

Drinks are moderately priced having your shots between 100php to 200php. The experience adds to it as you get to sit in the stools submerged in the water. Or you can take your long island iced tea on the submerged pool lounge chairs. You can sip your drink quietly while looking at the stars.

As for the room, we stayed at the original L'Fisher Hotel. We got a double bed and one single bed. Bathroom was okay complete with amenities. It has a bath tub which we took advantage the whole Monday morning. 

The room was moderately big. Three people can fit and enjoy the room although if based on my size, five of me will fit. We had brunch on Sunday then had our dessert at Calea. We then spent lunch time just lying in bed and watching cable television.

For our breakfast buffet, I got angus beef tapa although it did not blow my mind. It was actually a bit hard to chew. It's your average breakfast buffet and remember: no sharing and no leftovers allowed. I did enjoy their congee because I got to mix the toppings myself.

I love lounging in hotels especially if the bed is comfy, the food is good and the pool is perfect. L'Fisher won my heart mainly because of the bar and pool. Don't expect too much with food but Bacolod is filled with good restaurants so no worries. Just hop to L'Sea Restaurant at the side of the hotel to satisfy your hunger. I recommend you do stay at the cheaper, newer wing of L'Fisher since there's nothing too special about the original wing.

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