Bacolod Bliss: Yesterday of Silay (Part2)

6:29 PM

We walked, got lost in between the streets of Silay. Thanks to Peach (iPad2) and some friendly passers-by we found our way to Hofilena Ancestral House. It was past noon but it was not open until 1pm.

We were to spend the afternoon somewhere else so we walked on the same street to the famous Balay Negrense. It was a beauty. I imagine we could retire to a place like that. We will be strolling around our big garden and sit in a while at the wooden swing bench. We'll play around the pair of curved stairways at our entrance door. We will still remain to be kids at heart despite the old age. Yes, Balay Negrense makes you want to retire and live inside it.


We rang the bell to be received in. No one was touring us around so we took the liberty to explore it as if our new house. I held your hand and we laughed at the witty labels. 

We looked at the galaxy-like family "tree". Our crazy selves entailed us to look for any possible proof that we are descendants. Who would not wish to be part of the family who owns such a beautiful architecture? Moreso, be a descendant of the sugar baron Victor Gaston? We walked around and saw familiar carnival cups in the dining room. An old piano stands in one corner.

Stairs leading to the second floor was tricky. You could write ghost stories for such an old treasured place. We marveled at the design and furniture of the second floor. I ran to the large window to see the garden and fountain outside. You followed me and we were thinking of the same thing - how relaxing it would be to come home to a view like this. We read about the history of the place. I got scared with the  old dolls. We took pictures in front of the old mirrors.

I can just imagine how beautiful Silay was back in the days. The beautiful architecture in its best times.

We walked around some more but could no longer find the Locsin house. We decided to go back to Bascon Hotel to get some rest before we travel back in time again in Talisay.

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  1. Too bad I was not able to explore Silay. It rained a lot during our last day when we were supposed to go there. Interesting heritage houses!

  2. It was raining on our way there. Luckily, it was sunny in Silay. There are more heritage houses to see! Though not every house can be visited.

  3. i super love Silay! I toured it all by myself... at nag enjoy ako sorba... i'm really fascinated with heritage houses! it's nice to go back to the olden times! :)

  4. I wanted to spend more than just to morning to go around. I love heritage houses :D



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