Budget Breakdown: Bacolod trip with J

4:38 AM

This Bacolod trip is my first solo trip with my guy. He actually paid for our stay at L'Fisher since we got a discount. Here's the breakdown of our four-day trip at Bacolod. Lakawon trip and L'Fisher stay took most of our budget but they were worth it.

Bascon Hotel (2 nights) Php1500
L'Fisher Hotel (1 night) with bar drinks Php3000

Silay- Bacolod Jeep Php26
Bacolod-Silay Jeep Php24
Hotel to Silay Jeep Php15
Van to Hotel Php300
21Resto to Hotel jeep Php15
Ruins to 21 Resto Php15
Tricycle to Ruins Php100
Fare going around Php60
Taxi to Airport  Php500

Lakawon Trip:
Baon to Lakawon Php66
Shed      Php500
Entrance (2pax) Php200
Boat Rental (fixed price for 1-4pax)    Php600
Food Php350
Service Charge    Php35
Coke (2 bottles) Php50

Mang inasal Breakfast Php215
21 Resto Dinner Php355
Ruins Merienda     Php275
Jollibee Breakfast Php220
Musem Cafe Php260
L'Sea brunch  Php216
Calea cakes Php380
Milk+Tea   Php100
Bob's Php411
Kuppa (airport food) Php340
Merci Php145
BongBong's Pasalubong Php570

Entrance Fees:
Silay Ancestral Houses (2pax) Php180
Ruins Entrance (2pax)   Php120
Negros Museum (2pax) Php100
Pope John Paul Tower (2 pax) Php40

Manila-Bacolod Airport Terminal fee (2pax)  Php400
Bacolod-Manila Terminal Fee   (2pax) Php400

Total: Php12083.00
Cost per person 6041.5

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