Take Me with You: Dicapac Waterproof Case

11:37 PM

Dear Dicapac WP-570,

I would sincerely like to thank you for making my Lumix LX5, Neesha, the opportunity to swim with us and enjoy the beach in Bacolod.

I remember seeing your kind a couple of months ago. You weren't cheap and it never crossed my mind to buy you. But after my Singapore trip with Neesha and a beach trip afterwards, I decided I wasn't going to sacrifice Neesha's fun times in Bacolod and Coron just to save a few pesos. I first looked at you at Rockwell Digital Walker because J's colleague got hers there. You were out of stock so I was sent to Greenbelt 5. We failed seeing each other again at Greenbelt 5. You were at Eastwood but I had no intention going all the way there just for us to be together. Sorry, I was being practical. Digital Walker volunteered to fly you to Rockwell in a week or so. I had you reserved for me and Neesha. No one could buy you until you're in Rockwell.

I waited for you to meet me in Rockwell. We finally met that one Saturday before our Bacolod trip. I was instructed to test you. I had to check if you can withstand crashing waves and a bucket of water without getting Neesha wet. I wanted Neesha dry and happy. So there you were, floating in a bucket of water for an hour with tissue papers inside you. Sorry if I dipped you, shook you and basically made you experience a tsunami within that hour. YOU HELD THROUGH. Good job, sailor! I hope you stay true to your promise that you're good even under 30 feet. Do not worry, I have no intention of bringing you under 30 feet. We will just be bumming at beaches and snorkeling in the afternoon.

Thank you for protecting Neesha during the turbulent boat ride to Lakawon Island. Thank you also for protecting Neesha from the sand as J and I lazily laid in the sand the whole afternoon. You made me let go of my fears when we went for a quick dip. Sorry for being paranoid and constantly checking if Neesha was still dry.

I had more faith in you when we took a dip at L'Fisher's infinite swimming pool. I was so happy that Neesha was swimming with us.

You and Neesha will definitely enjoy Coron on January. I am such a beach person that I promise we will have more trips together in 2012. Please don't give up on me.


Dicapac Underwater Case:
How does it work?
Dicapac cases have a ziplock-type of closure, then you fold the closure with velcro. Then it's another set of velcro to seal the velcro-ed closure.

1. Cheaper alternative to purchasing an underwater camera.
2. Keeps sand, dirt and water away from your camera.
3. Gives your camera swimming abilities. Your camera will float and swim beside you! ;)
4. Different sizes to match your camera. They even have models for your DSLR.
5. Can zoom and use flash even inside the case

1. A bit hard to manipulate the controls in the beginning.
2. A little expensive for people with a budget
3. Needs practice to avoid having a circular shadow/vignette in your photos

WP-570 Model: Php2,200.00

You can check out the sizes here: http://www.greenlife-style.com/ebay/camera/BR00/dicapac_compatible_list/index.html

You can purchase Dicapac in Digital Walker stores or JT Photoworld in Pasong Tamo

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  1. ganto rin dapat bibilin ko dati pero kinakabahan talaga ko ilublob yung camera ko sa tubig kaya... bumili na lang ako ng underwater cam talaga hehe :P

    Lakad Pilipinas

  2. @Christian

    Ansaya, ang dami mong cam! haha! Hanggang beach and snorkeling pa lang naman ako kaya sakto pa ito. Kapag nagdiving lessons nako magiinvest nako sa underwater cam :D

    Pero kinabahan din ako lalo na nung mga first minutes sa beach :P

  3. Thank you for this post. :) I'm thinking of buying LX5 and a dicapac for waterproofing. My sony nonwaterproof camera was FUBAR after I accidentally dropped it sa tubig. :( At least alam ko na ok ang dicapac. thank you! ^_^

  4. @azial you're welcome! I actually just got back from Coron, Palawan. My LX5 was with me during snorkeling and it survived! :D Will be doing a Coron post soon ;)



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