Bacolod Bliss: L'Sea Restaurant

11:13 PM

Home to surprisingly cheap but delicious Filipino-Chinese taste.
It was Sunday morning and we woke too late because we were tired from our Lakawon trip. We were hungry but have just checked out of Bascon Hotel and checked-in at L'Fisher Hotel. We plopped our bags on the hotel bed and tried AroundMe app just to see where we can have our brunch. We narrowed down our choices to two: L'Sea Restaurant just beside L'Fisher and Cuayx right across L'Fisher.

We were on a budget so we tried L'Sea. It was already 11am but the waiter said they were still closed. My heart sank. Then there was a second voice telling us we can already dine. Thank you, kind manager.

Everything below 200php
We looked at the menu and surprised on how everything was cheap. Each one was said to be good for 2-3. I am used to restaurants in Manila selling these kinds of dishes for above 200php. It took me more than 10 minutes to choose what to order. I wanted to try everything (and I do mean everything) but we settled for shrimp balls, chao fan and supposedly bacon rolls. Since they just opened, our waiter forgot the bacon rolls but it was okay as we were full from the shrimp balls and generous serving of chao fan. I wish I knew how to make those steaming, tasty shrimp balls!

Too bad we only ate here once but I feel we'll be back in Bacolod just to eat again.

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