Lakawon Love: One of those Moments

7:58 PM

The day started out bright and early. We were having our breakfast at Jollibee Lacson before going to the bus station. I had my usual well-done tapsilog while J had a hash brown burger and sausage. We caught the regular bus heading to Cadiz City. We saw two rainbows in between the rains and towns. At one time it was raining then after a few sugar canes everything was bright. I had no qualms riding a non-aircon bus as there was no hint of pollution around. I missed smelling fresh air.

One bus ride, one wrong terminal, one tricycle ride and a 15-minute boat ride composed our travel to Lakawon Island. The bus ride was your usual ride wherein I fell asleep half of the time. The tricycle ride will make you love sugar canes. I wanted to go down and take a photo just to show how small I am compared to the sugar canes. The 15-minute boat ride was different.

It was one of those boat rides that showed me how my boyfriend can love his iPad2 (aka Peach) more than me. We rented the boat to bring us to Lakawon. The rental is fixed for 6 pax. So we walked to the boat and started to brave the waves. Waves were really big during our ride. J was panicking because Peach would get wet and he really protecting her from the waves. On the other hand, I was splashed more than five times. Wet look even before reaching the beach. J was ranting on how long the 15-minute boat ride was. He finally stood up for half the ride just so Peach could escape the waves. On the other hand, I was protecting myself with my handy sarong. I figured I was a big girl and Peach was still a baby. Would still have enjoyed if J protected me from the waves (not that I don't like getting wet).

It was one of those beach trips that I witnessed  how my boyfriend hates slimy things including sea moss. Let me tell you upfront that Lakawon Island is not like Boracay or Caramoan. I can say it is close to Potipot Island although sand is finer in Potipot. The charm of Lakawon is in the solitude you find when you sleep under the trees during the afternoon. We then decided to go for a dip at around three in the afternoon. It was Neesha's first swim but she did more swimming than J. The water was filled with sea moss and the ground was a bit rocky. I still enjoyed being in the sea. It's not your pristine blue clear waters, powdery sand virgin island. Still, a day trip to Lakawon is not so bad. Just don't hate sea moss like J.

Look Love! MOSS!
It was one of those times that food tastes better at beaches. I often notice that everything tastes better when you're staring at the sea during lunch. Even that simple grilled hotdog tastes divine. We ordered grilled squid, rice and coke for lunch. It was the right mix of saltiness and sweetness. And yes, the open nipa hut made the meal more enjoyable.

View from our lunch table

Coke and Grilled Squid. Simple life!

It was one of those Saturdays that made me love my boyfriend more. We love laid-back weekends. We spend afternoons at coffee shops. This Saturday we spent lying and taking a nap under the trees of Lakawon Island. We picked a spot at the opposite side of the island. We had our music and each other for the afternoon. Before that we walked around to take photos of each other. As the boat left the island, I was contended having spent a day with someone who can just sit beside me, say nothing but completely sweep me off my feet. Or keeps telling at me to move away from the sea moss.

This wasn't our first beach trip but somehow each trip just gets better. I guess we'll forever love beach trips as it's our escape from our usual career-focused routines.

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  1. i remember my cousins inviting me to this island but it's my first time to see it in photos. nice indeed. i love laid back beaches.

  2. @dong ho
    I also love laid back beaches. :) When I first researched on how to get here, I found very few blogs but they good feedback for a day trip. :)

  3. Hi Astrid,

    Can I ask what were the rates (bus from bacolod, motorcycle, bangka and entrance fee) at the time you visited lakawon? We are planning to go there but we can’t find the latest rate of lakawon. Thank you very much. Nice pictures you have there. : )

  4. Hey Jeffrey,

    Thanks for dropping by. I have my breakdown here:

    For transportation, the jeep to the terminal is 8php while the bus is 80php (I think?).




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