CDO Come Back: Midway Beach Resort Sunday

8:18 PM


I prefer my beach trips solitary and peaceful. I prefer soaking under the sun with just my own company around me. No noisy kids, no families belting their voices. That is not the case for most public beaches during summer. Everybody wants a dose of the sea, especially these days when days are too hot.


I could have stayed home and basked in the cold breeze and silence of an airconditioned room. But, I wanted at least a day of my summer under the sun with sand on my feet. Also, how can you resist such a view?


I had my trip to Cagayan De Oro during the last weekend of April. Since I only had one full day to spend, Camiguin was out of the picture. Google helped me find a beach near CDO where the sand is white and powdery. Midway Beach Resort did not disappoint. If I would look at the beach itself and ignore all the people playing in the sand, then it would be a beautiful and quick getaway from CDO. We left Lapasan, CDO at around 8am and by 10am we had picked out our "cottage". It had a good view of the sea without being around the people on their company outings.

Php750 cottage by the sea



We stayed under the shade for most of the morning. By 2pm, I was ready to jump into the water. Clear, white, soft, powdery sand to enjoy. There were tiny fishes swimming around us. I imagine myself coming back on days with less people so I can truly enjoy the beach. The place just needs more maintenance especially on crowded days. And faster service.


Note: There is actually a zipline that ends at the sea. It's short line and best enjoyed if the tide is high. We didn't try it since the beach was crowded. Wouldn't want to hit anybody on the way down.

Trip Details:
Cottage: 300 good for 3-4, 750 good for 5-7
Entrance fee: 25/head
Going there: Take a taxi/jeep to Bulua Bus Terminal (Westbound). Ride Iligan buses (40php for non-aircon, 85 for aircon). Go down to Midway Beach Resort
Going home: You can wait for the non-aircon bus to pass or take a tricycle (7/head) going to the Initao Public Market. Airconditioned bus are non-stop so no chance of riding one unless you go to Iligan bus station
Food expenses:
Mango shake for 65php
Platter of rice for 45php
Cup of rice for 15php
*we cooked and brought our own lunch except for rice. 

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  1. hello do they have a room where we can stay their for overnight?

  2. @Lyra Hi there! Yup, they have rooms :) I think last time I inquired a room is around 1500php :)

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