Misadventure Moments: CDO Project Happiness

9:00 PM

Happiness does not come easy.

Let's say, for the sake of this blog, that I needed to push through with my CDO trip this May despite the "bumps" I had with someone. Just before the flight I borrowed from an office mate the book "The Happiness Project" which was an apt name for that trip. I needed to get some happiness back.

Sometimes, the universe conspires to make everything go according to plan. This was not that time. It rained on my way back to the apartment to pick up my packed pink bag. The taxi I took decided to pass by every single heavy traffic road going to Terminal 4. Oh, he also did not bring me to Terminal 4. The problem with riding with Cebu Pacific for so long is that I have lost track of which airline goes into which terminal. My last flight in the old Manila Domestic Terminal was in 2007 so I had no idea it was still operational. Taxi driver decided to bring me to Terminal 1 which only carried PAL flights. It was 3:30pm and my flight leaves at 4:45pm. I hate not being early during check-in.

With just 300php left in my pocket, I had to hail a cab to Teminal 4 to catch my flight. Upon lining-up, I realized I do not have my driver's license anywhere in sight. It's a given fact that you have to present one valid ID upon check-in. That was my only valid ID since I changed companies. Initial thought in my head: maybe this trip isn't worth it.

I tried my luck. I handed my ticket printout and waited for my boarding pass. The zesty crew was chatting with her fellow workers while printing my boarding pass. She never noticed I had no valid ID. I did have an alternative plan which was handing the credit card I used for booking. No need for my alternative plan. I got my boarding pass by 4:10pm.

I paid my 200php terminal fee and waited just a couple of minutes before boarding. I was on my way for Project Happiness. I thought it was not meant to be. But, I actually never believed in destiny.

Thirty-six hours later and I am back in Manila. I went with alternative plan when I checked-in on my flight back and it worked. As for Project Happiness, let's say it was a success. 

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