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For Coron back in January, I had to find accommodation for seven people. In booking accommodations, my usual routine would be to research on the internet the top accommodations by bloggers and TripAdvisor. Then, I would check their rates if it fits our budget. If they don't have any rates on their website, I send an email or call them if email is not available.

One deal breaker is not usually the rates but how they respond to my inquiries. People from the hospitality industry should know how to treat their customers right especially during the initial contacts. I do my best to be a good customer so I definitely expect to have good service from them.

When I was booking for Coron, I decided to avail tour package together with the accommodation as my trip buddies prefer a no-hassle trip.

I went for Darayonan Lodge. I emailed other resorts that my friends preferred. One of which broke the deal by this kind of response:

I was inquiring if Tour 1B can be modified and that was what I got. Also, please know the difference between you and you're. I don't mind receiving a reply in Filipino.

I did have a similar concern with Darayonan Lodge's tour packages so I sent them an email. I got a well-written reply.

Dear Ms. Reburiano,

Hello!  Sorry for the late reply.  Yes you may switch Kayangan with CYC.  But may I ask why?  Kayangan Lake is probably Coron's most popular tourist destination (for non-divers). All tour operators probably include Kayangan in their destination because it is something that you find only in Coron. Is it because you have already been there?  Or do you have companions who cannot do the climb/trek? 

If everybody is physically able to do the trek, may I suggest an itinerary like this:

8:00am - depart Darayonan for wharf
8:20am - board Banca, and proceed to Siete Pecados
8:45am - arrive Siete Pecados, snorkeling
9:45am - leave Siete Pecados for Twin Lagoon
10:05am - ETA Twin Lagoon, swim through cliff
10:40am - depart Twin Lagoon for Banol Beach
11:00am - ETA Banol, lunch, beach activities
1:30pm - Depart Banol for (TWO OPTIONS, see below)

OPTION 1 (your preferred iti), go to CYC
2:00PM ETA CYC, swimming, beach activities
3:00PM depart CYC - 

After this, you can either go back to Coron town and Darayonan OR proceed to either Skeleton Wreck or Barracuda Lake. But if you will opt for Skeleton Wreck, it would make more sense to go to Skeleton after Banol then go to CYC after.

OPTION 2 (my suggestion)
after Banol, go to Kayangan.

1:45pm -  ETA Kayangan, trek, swim n lake, trek back
3:15pm - back in banca.

you may then proceed to CYC if you want or go back to Coron town.  

Hope this helps.  I can send you photos of each destination if you think it will help you in your decision making.

Thanks and regards,

The letter showed effort and concern to their potential customer. It was not like the first one which was like we had just two options: take it or leave it. I know that packaged tours are usually strict but we would be having one boat for our whole group and won't be bothering other groups. Also, I was still on the process of asking three months away from the trip. It was not as if everything was cast in stone. I wanted to know my options to help me decide better. Those in the hospitality industry (or even those who mainly have clients in their work) should know that how you treat potential customers will have a big impact in your business. Loyal customers are what helps a business grow.

Last May, I was calling Zamboanga inns and hotels for my supposed trip this June. Here were some anecdotes over the phone:

Click photo to enlarge

I obviously booked with Hotel No.3 (and was even amused his concern on my flight).

I am not quite particular with my accommodations. As long as I have a bed and a decent bathroom, I will be quite happy. It's the experience with the people in the hotel/inn that actually makes a difference.

More on Darayonan Lodge soon.

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  1. I agree rude hostel owners can be deal breakers. I mean, if they don't want our business, di huwag, di ba? LOL Sayang lang, they don't know how to treat their customers right.

  2. @Aleah unfortunately, some of them don't understand the importance of those inquiries. Usually, the owners/hosts are what makes the place more memorable.

  3. Award! Bet ko yung reply ng Darayonan, I might even consider them when I visit Coron. =)

    Laki talaga ng difference na nagagawa ng mga reply nila sa inquiries.

  4. @Robbie I agree! I feel hindi lang ito ang entry ko regarding inquiries. haha! Darayonan is quite homey and goo if you have the budget. Plus ung pool!

  5. Good to know that people do some effort to send there packages,for the people who are looking for a reservation.

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