Breezy Bantayan: Sunday Ride

10:18 PM

No roosters, just the sound of the water filter booming at 9:00am. Too many car honks heard on my way to work. An office too cold for my tiny body. It's my daily fast-paced world and I wanted to escape for a weekend.

Bantayan was my escape. 

Unlike my usual 8am alarm clock, I was actually up by 4.30am. Ready to welcome the sunrise at 5:43am with my guy.


The day before, we rented a scooter bike to help us get around the island. We left our resort early morning.

I loved how the wind was in my face as we sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane" while breezing through the almost empty road. We were en route the town of Bantayan. We nearly missed the sign for the mangrove garden at the town of Obo-ob. The sign was almost completely covered with leaves. We turned around and followed the cemented road. Soon, we were on muddy tracks. We just kept going. After minutes of no road signs and a very muddy road, we stopped and asked directions from two old women at a waiting shed. They told us we were no far behind so we kept driving.

We found it, marveled at the millions of mangroves then went back to our green scooter.


Going back to the main road seemed faster. We continued following the main road to reach Bantayan. Very few vehicles could be seen. We were humming tunes and enjoying the good weather.

After around half an hour, we were on the rotonda going to the public market. We stopped by Sts. Peter and Paul Parish to say our prayers. We couldn't be more thankful for our short vacation. Sunday mass was starting but we decided to move along and buy our supply of dried danggit and pusit at the market.

We were going around the rotonda trying to figure out our way until we gave up. We asked the traffic enforcer the way to Madridejos. He told us to go straight from the street of the church. So we did. And it was entirely a straight drive. We passed by road signs leading to other towns. We passed by the most number of poultry houses I have seen in my life so far. The weather was still good on that Sunday morning.

Soon we saw the sign welcoming us to Madridejos. What welcomed us was an arch of trees. Such a breathtaking, relaxing sight. Quite different from my usual view of tall buildings and lamp posts.


A couple more minutes and we were at the northern tip of Bantayan Island. We parked under the trees of Kota Park. It was low tide and the walkway was closed due to renovations but we were stubborn kids. We did not drive all the way there just to skip the walkway.



The drive back was faster but wasn't less special. There I was at the back of the scooter, holding my guy as he drove back to Sta. Fe. We saw birds perched on the wires. We stopped to eat crispy chicken at the poblacion. Most of the time I just hugged him as we passed by trees, poultry houses and motorcycles.


By noon we were back at our resort for a quick nap before eating lunch.

I need more Sundays like this.

Best way to get around Bantayan Island is renting a motorcycle or scooter bike. Rate starts at 200php going up to 350php for 24 hours. Better to rent at the port or at the center than resorts.
For gas, 200php would be enough to go around.

Just follow the main road to get to Madridejos at the northern part of Bantayan Island. Watch out for road signs for the other sights. It would take you half a day to go around.

More on the places we visited on the next posts. :)

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  1. A nice read and nice shots. I especially like the birds on the cables. Reminds me of the Pixar short. :)

  2. @Darcy Thanks! I actually forced Josh to stop so I could take a photo :D Exactly what I had in mind.



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