Breezy Bantayan: One-Night Stays

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Bantayan is an island where your accommodations are found mostly in the town of Sta. Fe. They may be on the left or right side of the port. I had a lot of options where to stay in Bantayan but I chose Abaniko Beach Resort for our first night and Anika Resort for our secod night. Anika was recommended by a good friend who recently went to Bantayan. Some of my friends stayed at Kota Beach Resort due to its affordable rate for groups or at Sta. Fe Beach Resort due to its fame.

We're used to transferring from one place to another for our stay but this is my first time to encounter having our resorts literally beside each other. A brick wall was the only thing that separated Abaniko from Anika. Therefore, they had the same shoreline.

Abaniko and Anika are on the less crowded side of the shore. You can actually see the port from their shoreline. It's the less crowded area since it's farther from the town proper. Upon going around, I discovered that Kota Beach resort is actually walking distance from the town proper.

Abaniko Beach Resort is at the end of the strip of resorts at the right side of the port. It's relatively small compared to the more expensive resorts. They have fan and airconditioned rooms. They also have rooms with kitchen.

We got a fan room for Php700.00 for our first night. It was actually a good choice as it rained on our first night. We had no use for the fan that night for it was freezing cold with the rain and sea breeze. Our fan room was already beach front.


Amenities are basic - a small cr, a small patio to dry your things and two single bamboo beds. There was one old dresser and free towels for our use. Abaniko has a restaurant within their premises but it was closed, probably since we were the only guests there. They recommend eating at the town proper or at Anika. You can actually cook if you rented rooms with kitchen. The resort is beside the fishing village so wake up early and buy some catch from fishermen.

Abaniko requires a deposit for our room before our stay. It was important to note that they can only receive payment through the following: ML Kwarta Padala, Western Union or Palawan Pawnshop (Santa Fe Branch). Our contact, Ms. Joy Capraro, was really nice and accommodating.

You can visit their Facebook page here.

Anika Beach Resort is a relatively new resort compared to Kota Beach or Sta. Fe Beach Club. It's located on the less busy shoreline of Sta. Fe.

First of all, I love the service of Anika! Hours before our expected check-in, they were texting me asking for our arrival at the port for our free pick-up. Since we're just walking from Abaniko, I told them we'll get there ourselves as we were coming from a different resort. They also arranged our service to the port when we were leaving for the 7:30am trip to Hagnaya. Before our trip, they were quick to respond to my inquiries and clarifications regarding our reservation. They require one night deposit to secure the reservation.

Another thing I loved about Anika was the room itself. They were made out of truck containers (similar to CWC). They have a wash area for your feet before going up to avoid getting sand in your room. We got the single villa which was Php2,000.00 per night. It's a bit expensive but we felt like splurging. The room itself is not big. You get a bathroom (complete with toiletries), a cabinet, a flat screen TV and a queen size bed. The bed was comfy and there were three fluffy pillows.


 There is also a veranda where you can just sit and have a drink.



Rates are the following (exclusive of breakfast)

  • Ocean View Rooms - PHP 3,000.00 per night for 3 persons (Maximum of 4 w/out extra bed)
  •  Sunrise View - PHP 2,500.00 per night for 3 persons. (Maximum of 4 w/ extra bed)
  •  Garden View - PHP 1,750.00 per night for 2 persons. (Maximum of 3 w/ extra bed)
  • Single Villa - PHP 2,000.00 per night for 2 persons (Maximum of 3 w/ extra bed)  
  • Courtyard Rooms - PHP 1,500.00 per night for 1 person, maximum of 2

Their restaurant offers daily catch although a bit expensive. It would probably cost you 300-400php per person for a meal complete with drinks. They have a bar by the beach front where you can order drinks like a frappuccino and drink while lying down their woven beach chairs.


You won't find it hard to relax anywhere in Bantayan Island. Just pick a spot, lie down and watch the day slowly pass by. 

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  1. Kainggit! Beautiful Bantayan Island!! :) Hope to go there soon!

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  2. Hi Sharina! Thanks for the follow. You should definitely visit Bantayan. Stay there for at least three days. :)

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  4. I miss Bantayan! We went there December 2011 but stayed at Sugar Beach. Overnight lang, pero masaya :D

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