Year-End Post: Travel Slowly

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In 2011, there was a girl who went around like she was in an amazing race. She spent two weeks in Bangkok and two weeks in Singapore working on an event then going around rushing to see what each place had to offer. She packed Caramoan and CWC in three days. Then in 2012, she decided to take it slow. She did not hurriedly book tickets when a seat sale was up. She carefully planned each trip - not forcing her itinerary to explore everything in a new place. She reminded herself to take it slow and savor each moment. So in 2012, she visited less places but had her eyes and mind wider.

She was supposed to visit places but decided the situation wasn't right. One must pick her battles carefully. She had just moved into a new job and her relationship has been separated by miles. She had to focus on other things. She will see Zamboanga and Mindoro next time.

She went to Cagayan de Oro more than once because of love. But she never visited Iligan. She was saving it for another time. She did enjoy relaxing at the hot pool at Marco Hotel, played in Missy Bonbon's trivia night, and tried out the steak in Bigby's. For summer, she took a day trip with her love in Midway Beach Resort where the sand was white and the water was clear.

She chilled at Bantayan for three days with her guy. Stingless jellyfish and friendly fishes surrounded them as they sat on the shallow waters. She watched the sunrise, went to the mangrove garden and went around the island on a green scooter bike.

She went on a road trip to Tagaytay with friends. They ate a heavy breakfast at Bag of Beans, explored Calaruega Church, ate bulalo at the side road, and went to People's Park. Her mother still hasn't allowed her to drive their red car but she is confident someday she will be spending Sunday breakfast at Tagaytay.

She spent nights at her favorite diner at Burgos St. in Makati. The Filling Station never failed to make her feel nostalgic and hungry. Their milk shakes and root beer floats remind her of childhood dreams.

Speaking of childhood dreams, the doors of the rusty and abandoned Metropolitan Theater finally opened to her in May. She had always loved abandoned places but she was still disheartened on how majestic places tend to fall into rubbles.

She drank until the sunrise at Kota Keluarga with friends. It was a long, memorable ride going there with some mishaps. She watched the sunrise alone while most of her friends slept but she did not feel lonely at all. She felt grateful and contented. You know what makes sunrises special? They let you know you made it through another day.

She watched the bonfire grow bigger while drinking Tanduay ice with her guy's college friends in Anilao, Batangas. Earlier, she was greeted by a gecko with eyes like topaz. She embraced the large waves while standing on large rocks. They played card games. It was a different start for November.

And the trip that started 2012 for her was visiting the treasure called Coron. She has not found the right words to tell her complete Coron story yet. Each month she tries to capture her feelings but words fail her. She wants to justify the beauty and charm that is Coron. Maybe in 2013, that Coron story will be out there to tell her friends how it was more than how she imagined it and that Palawan is the place she wants to explore the most at this point of her life. For now, all she has it that climb in Mt. Tapyas while the sun was setting.

It is not enough to say that travel only involves going to new places. This year, she finally had to courage to meet the people who have the same passion as hers. She did not regret such move as she loved travelling more despite the fewer trips she got. She got inspired by those who quit their day jobs and pursued their passion. She enjoyed reading their stories and even hearing them personally. She went to Travel Massive and Philippine Beaches launch. She further confirmed that you don't have to be rich to travel. And that there is so much to see in the Philippines. Why go always outside the country?

For 2013, Palaui, Zamboanga, Iloilo and maybe Iligan will welcome her. And perhaps meet new friends along the road. As for old friends, may she join their travels too.

Mantra for 2013
So, how did 2012 treat you?

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  1. Nice 2012 for you and more travel pa this 2013!

    Happy New Year :)

  2. Great post! Yes you are right, we ought to travel slowly.

    Happy New Year! :)

  3. Happy new year! Cheers to more travels :)
    @Ephraim thanks! :D savor each moment :) Happy New Year! Have a great one ahead

  4. I've never known a dog who doesn't wolf down anything food-related at the drop of a hat. He's clearly a very discerning gentleman!

  5. I enjoyed reading this. Hope to see more of your post ;)



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