Philippine Love: Colored Skies

9:04 PM

At 3:00AM, I was carefully driving to Ayala to pick up my friend from his work. He will then drive us to Clark to witness the 18th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (PIHABF). It has been the common advice to arrive there early to get the best spots for photographs. It is also best to arrive early to watch the balloons being set-up and rise up to the sky.

IMG_7360 We arrived just as the balloons were rising. The Philippine flag had been released already. The "weekend of everything that flies" has started. There was not much crowd as expected, probably due to the rainy Friday we had in Manila.

IMG_7075 IMG_7051 IMG_7080 IMG_7096 IMG_7110
It was cloudy day that morning but soon the sun was smiling. Both the balloon and the real thing.

IMG_7149 IMG_7156
The crowd filled the skies with kites they bought from the booths in the area. Last time I flew a kite must have been 15 years ago. This time, the boys tried to give it a go and partly succeeded.
IMG_7256 IMG_7327 IMG_7268 IMG_7518 IMG_7547
Captain Maynard Halili did his performance with a yellow plane with a fabric body. It was entertaining to watch this yellow plane against the blue sky. At one point it seemed like it was plummeting down to crash.
IMG_7471 IMG_7463
Finally, the moment I've been waiting for has arrived. Engines roared and everyone was quiet as the Breitling Jet Team did their stunts.
IMG_7587 IMG_7668 IMG_7758 IMG_7854 P1110944 P1110946 P1110965
The Breitling jet team definitely made the Php250.00 entrance fee worth every cent. I have never imagined I would get to watch jet planes perform live. The kids on the field must have been so amazed. PIHABF continues to be an event for family, friends and even couples. Can you just imagine getting a proposal while riding a hot air balloon? It's like no way out other than saying yes or your $250 down the drain.
For next year, we plan to go there in the afternoon, spend the night at Clark and wake up to the flight of the balloons. And just like this year, must pack picnic mat, sunblock, umbrella and water.

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