Taal Ramble*: Getting Lost

10:12 PM

Wrong turns. Right instead of left. Unnecessary toll gates. Our road trip to the heritage town of Taal could not get anymore memorable. Originally, this is our plan in a nutshell:

We arrived at Taal Town by 1:00PM. We were hungry and excited as we have been on the road for more than expected. We turned right instead of left upon exiting Star Tollway (Lipa). We were i n the road to Tanauan rather than Taal. We turned around, went in a loop before finally getting on the right road. I should have known it was the road passing by Mataas na Kahoy. We passed by Cuenca, Alitagtag then Sta. Teresita.

So near, yet so far from Taal town
We relieved upon seeing the town marker.

We were famished so we went straight to Taal Bistro located at Calle A. delas Alas. The bistro is near the market and just a few steps from the municipal hall.


 We ordered the Bistro Chicken and Tapang Taal together with java rice. Waitress said java rice was good for 3-4. It was heaps of rice that even our hungry selves could not finish.


Tapang Taal was pork instead of your usual beef tapa.


Bistro Chicken was tasty (or was it because we were really hungry?).


Total damage to our wallets was Php160.00 per person. Not bad considering I had two rounds.

Afterwards, we started our tour at 2pm - four hours later than our original plan. We got to visit Taal Basilica, Our Lady of Caysasay, Villa Vicencio and Casa Gahol (Francisco's cafe). Most of the houses are open 9am to 4pm on Sundays so best be there by morning to visit all houses.

In the end, here's the lesson for the day:

*ramble (/ˈrambəl/):
(verb) Walk for pleasure in the countryside, typically without a definite rout
(noun) A walk taken for pleasure in the countryside

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