Gratifying Guimaras: Old Light

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Time passes and people forget things. Or rather time takes a toll on things and they become souvenirs of the past. Guisi lighthouse was built during the 18th century to be the light to the sea travelers amidst the Panay Gulf. Today, it is a rusty tower that bears warning to those who wish to climb its decrepit staircase. It is the second oldest lighthouse in the country. It carried the name Faro de Punta Luzaran.



It takes more than half an hour from Alubihod to reach Guisi in Brgy. Dolores. Visitors can get a view of the Guisi beach. A couple more steps and you see an old shelter that may have housed Spaniards. Rosaries adorn the wooden windows and doors.

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You then see ruins - piles of rocks form what used to be a Spanish outpost. Today, it is a landscape for photographs of visitors who paid 10php. The caretaker knows the ins and outs of the ruins and would gladly take impressive photos of your visit.

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I climbed the rickety staircase and welcomed a panoramic sight of the sea, beach and mountains. I breathed in the fresh air and watch the sun slowly set. My knees were wobbly but my heart was jumping. I live for sights like this – when you feel time is slow and everything is calm.





A newer, white lighthouse sits on top of the hill to guide the ships that still traverse across the seas. It’s not unusual for new things to come and replace the old, decaying ones. Yet, I still find charm in those old things that has a lot more stories to tell. And soon we all become rusty and old. Make those stories count.



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  1. Oh that building's aging gracefully. Parang magandang backdrop for a prenup :)



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