Meet Coron

7:28 AM


I miss you. i miss being at the top seeing the sky turn orange while the cold breeze glides its hands on my waist. Your hot embrace on a quiet afternoon is still a memory. I remember the vast ocean just across us as the sky turned dark. The rickety bamboo bridge being swayed.

  coron_neesha-113coron-217 coron-233

I miss the watching tiny kisses around me. There was the thrill of not knowing what I will see once I open my eyes under your blue blanket. Then I saw wonders of your present. Preserved from the harshness of the modern world.


I climbed steps just to see your beauty from afar. I went down to feel your purest soul. I saw tiny swords piercing through your clearest skin.

Your steadiness amazes me. I look at you and I see resilience and nature's hands.

P1070899 coron-443 coron-375

Your past reminds me of my future. Old shipwrecks - remnants of a time of yellow and white and war. I hope to go deeper in those remnants when I go back to you.

P1070888 skeletonwreck

I promise that when we see each other again, I will swim that small gap in you to see the beauty of the twin lagoons. Lagoons remind the child in me of mermaid combing their hair then pinning starfishes and shells on their hair. You remind me of childhood dreams.


With you, I find peace. I miss you, Coron. I know there is more to you than what I saw. We will see each other soon and I'll fall in love with you deeper. For now, I'll keep these memories in a jar.

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  1. Wow, Coron! You have very beautiful photos! Coron is a dream destination for me. :)

  2. @Ephraim Thanks! You should visit as a group to make the most of the place. And stay more than two whole days :)

  3. This place is heaven! Coron is one of a kind destination in the Philippines.

    Great photos!

  4. @TrekkerTrail thanks! Coron will always be one of my favorite destinations. :)



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