Dreamy Palaui: Impressions

2:39 AM


At the end of the 642nd road marker is a dream. Most would turn back once reaching the end of the road but if you take the chance, you’ll see something greater. Many would talk about taking the road less travelled. Sometimes, the road is not there at all. It took us more than 14 hours on the road to reach the northeastern tip of Luzon. I’ve dreamed of this trip for months and the stars finally aligned last April 12.



There was no planning for this trip. Somebody else did it. Which meant I was there to just move my feet and capture memories. I skipped reading stories to avoid expectations. I felt it was going to be majestic. But I did not know majestic is not the appropriate term. Breathtaking would be more appropriate.

palaui-257 palaui-165

The 7km Lagunzad trail can sometimes make you catch your breath. Cape Engano made me lose my breath. To borrow words from Charlie, “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite”.

palaui-268 palaui-273

The underwater scene did the same. Schools of fishes – orange, blue, green – welcomed us. At a brief moment, a lionfish lay in the corals. Honestly, both the land and the sea were a feast to the eyes.



There are more stories to be told – about the lighthouse in Cape Engano, the flora and fauna on the trails, and the people in the village. But for now, I wish this pushes you to take the bus to Sta. Ana, Cagayan to see for yourself what the dream island has to offer. More stories, soon.

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