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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

Third grade was spent mainly hearing Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis sing Cruisin'. The song offers dreamy and romantic feel of how a cruise should be. The following years were then spent reading Agatha Christie novels. Now, Christie loved cruises. She found cruises the perfect setting for mysteries. Everyone can pretend to be anyone in a cruise.  For me, the attractiveness of cruises lies in its romanticize and enigmatic feel. So, sometimes I tend to daydream about taking a cruise (don’t we all?). It’s one way of discovering yourself and new places. One cruise you can chance upon would be the Norwegian Cruise Line.

One of the great things about Norwegian Cruise Line - better known as NCL - is its laid-back flexibility. After all, who wants to stick to set meal times or conform to dress codes when you're on holiday? With great features like Freestyle Cruising - offering dozens of different dining options and the use of stacks of different bars and lounges - you'll get to enjoy your holiday at your own pace.

So, what can you expect from a cruise with NCL? Fantastic choice for one - ranging from your choice of itinerary and style of ship, right down to which cabin you fancy. There are budget-friendly interior cabins, designed for those who just want somewhere to ley their head at night, to super-luxurious suites and Garden Villas. Choose what you want to be during your cruise and just enjoy it.

Take the Norwegian Jewel for example. This signature vessel epitomizes onboard luxury, and yet it offers a relaxed and casual experience that places the focus on fun and adventure for all ages. Want more? There are over a dozen bars and nightclubs to keep you entertained until the early hours, not to mention a fabulous range of restaurants to tickle even the fussiest of tastebuds. From hearty steakhouses to delicately spiced Asian cuisine, kids' cafes to outdoor buffets, French classics to fresh Italian pasta dishes, there's a scintillating range of taste experiences on offer.

So, where can you go with NCL? The question is, where can't you go? NCL's fleet can take you around the familiar (and the less familiar) shores of the Mediterranean, taking in the delights of the French Riviera, Spain and Italy. You could push the boat out and explore the Pacific Coast of the United States, take on a transcanal adventure, or soak up the sun in the Caribbean.

So take it from Paltrow… “cruisin’ is made for love”. So love yourself and enjoy your holiday of discovery.

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