Your Quest to Your Paradise Falls

11:16 PM

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This is one of the greatest love story told in under five minutes.

So what mainly drove the story of UP? It was love and adventure. The thrill of going someplace with your own hard-earned money. But every adventure shouldn't start when you have time running out. You can enjoy a holiday and not worry about the price.

When people consider a holiday, one of their main - if not top - priority is price. After all holidays are still seen as a luxury by many, so it's natural for price to be a significant factor during the holiday search process.

Is is possible to find cheap holidays? The answer is a simple "yes". There are plenty of different tips and tricks, some work better for certain people than others - it all comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. Late deals continue to be a very popular way to find a low-cost holiday, but due to the spontaneity of this style of holiday it is obviously not suited to everyone. To find late deals, start searching for holidays departing within the next few weeks. Usually, those leaving within six weeks are commonly the cheapest, and you will often find that last-minute departures carry the best discounts. Be flexible and be prepared to vary your search criteria as much as possible - with the potential to adjust your departure dates, location, hotel type and even your departure airport.

Another way to save money is to look for early bird deals on next year's holidays. Typically, tour operators advertise newly launched holidays or seasons with heavy discounts and tempting deals to entice holidaymakers to book early. The offers aren't usually as cheap as some of the late deals you will find, but by booking ahead you get the added benefit of extra time to pay off your booking, along with plenty of time to save some spending money.

Keep an eye on all the main tour operators' websites as they all advertise special offers at various points in the year, so it's well worth checking their prices regularly - daily if possible - to stay abreast of the latest deals. You should also sign up to their newsletters and those of deal-breaking companies to be among the first to hear of new special offers.

So don't wait a lifetime for your own adventure. Seek your own "Paradise Falls" right now. It shouldn't cost you your whole house. Stop making excuses and start packing.

Some of the best cheap holidays can be found by searching for holidays through Thomas Cook. Visit the website, sign up to their newsletter and join their social media channels to be among the first to receive special offers and money-saving holiday deals.

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