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It's been more than three years since I can legitimately say I was out of the singles club. Yet the beginning of our relationship was geographically challenge. Our first months were spent over Skype because he was in Lipa and I was moving everyday from Cavite to Makati. I remember La Luz as our first vacation. I remember the stars that night and the candle-lit dinner. But most of all, I remember the first time we held hands while snorkeling. He did too.

Normal days apart can lead to little disputes and disagreements. At one point we thought it was not working. But I had booked a trip in October 2011 to the delicious city of Bacolod. A week before that we were not talking. When there are only two of you in a trip, you are forced to talk to each other to remain sane. I don't remember why we still pushed for that trip. I guess I was really set on going to Bacolod (hello, wanderlust!) and he was too much of a gentleman to decline. So we took that flight despite everything.

Suffice to say that it was a trip that we fell back in love just like how one would fall in love with Calea's cakes. And when you're actually standing in front of the Ruins in Talisay city, you can't really avoid the presence of love. We all want a kind of love that would remain even if somebody tries to burn it down. Maybe it's the romantic old houses or the sweet cakes or that crispy kare-kare or the sand of Lakawon island that made us go back to a working relationship. But we did and I will always treasure how Bacolod was very kind to us. 

2012 was welcomed with a trip to the charming Coron. On the first day, we climbed Mt Tapyas but the greater challenge was talking about our upcoming long distance relationship. His flight to CDO was January 2012, just a month after Sendong. It was his permanent work assignment until further notice. Further notice was like being a chance passenger. You really don't know if you'll get to go home that time.

For a traveler, distance should be nothing. We as travelers survive long bus rides, turbulent plane rides, terrifying boat rides and flat tires. Long distance relationships should survive missed conversations, intermittent internet connections and mismatched schedules. It's just like missing a flight, having no signal and schedule delays. You still push to and enjoy the journey. So we did. But it was like the rough boat ride to Lakawon island - he was sometimes more concerned about himself. I knew there was a paradise waiting so we faced the waves.

The sunny side of our relationship was highlighted in Bantayan Island back in October 2012. I flew from Manila while he came from CDO. We met in Cebu - just like in the movies. My flight was earlier than his. Until now, Bantayan remains to be one of our happy places. We spent an afternoon reading by the clear, shallow waters. We rented a motorbike, got a bit lost going around the island then sang "Leaving on a plane" while the wind was in our face. We were taken away from our usual lonely busy days. These were moments you realize you want someone who will watch the stars and sunrise with you.

We've continued our travels together in our third year. We treat our trips as our true quality time. Each trip, we are like strangers discovering each other as we discover new places. That's why couples should travel together. Nothing like being stuck in a situation in an unknown place to peel off the layers of someone. You also get to make the world your happy place.

We travel together and we travel individually. I go on my own travels. That's how love should be. Love gives you the freedom to be yourself and discover yourself (and new places). It does not constraint you. And he understands I can never be stuck in one corner for so long. One should realize that a traveler's heart knows no distance, understands the toughness of a journey, and appreciates beauty in its raw form. It knows every relationship, just like every trip, is different so it does not compare. When you're in a relationship, that's hell of a good thing. 

Unlike meticulously planned trips, you'll really never know when a relationship will end. So as the traveler that you are, just enjoy the journey while you're there. It's never really about the end of the road. At least for me. These are lessons the road has taught me.

This is my contribution to Pinoy Travel Blogger FEBRUARY 2014 BLOG CARNIVAL with the theme "The JOYS AND WOES OF COUPLEHOOD ON THE ROAD" hosted by Claire Madarang of Traveling Light . For previous monthly blog carnival topics, click Estan Cabigas' Langyaw 

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  1. You guys are just amazing. Have fun
    Follow each other.

  2. All I read was "Bacolod". Hahaha. I'm kidding, Astrid. I'm so happy for you and Josh. I hope you both travel the world and fall in love with each other more and more every time. *cheesy*

  3. I can relate to you, Astrid, especially when it came to booking flights --- and of getting into an argument (which later on stems into a major fight, sometimes an unnecessary break-up) a week later into the trip. Our trips make or break things. :) Anyhow, I love that you guys show real strength given that you're in a long distance relationship. I don't think I could do that. I can't stand being away from my beau! :P
    -Mai of

  4. I believe that traveling strengthens relationships! I agree with your words too that "Love gives you the freedom to be yourself and discover yourself (and new places)." :)

  5. @Andie haha I miss Bacolod food! :D
    @Mai I don't think I can stand being away from him now that I see him on a daily basis!
    @Ephraim Aww thanks!



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