Dreamy Palaui: The Road and First Encounter

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It all started with a deadline. Early 2013 we found out that Survivor will be shooting in Palaui Island that year. That meant one thing: it will be closed to the public. For us, it meant we had to go there before they do. So we did.

If one wishes to go to Palaui, you can take a bus or plane to Tuguegarao then a van to Sta. Ana where you can take the boat to Palaui. On the other hand, we took a Florida Bus from Manila going to Gonzaga then had someone pick us up to reach Sta. Ana. It was 16 hours of moving from a state of being awake and asleep before we set foot on the white sands of Palaui. We left 7:00pm on a Thursday and woke up in Gonzaga at around 9:00am. Contrary to early warnings, the deluxe sleeper bus was not freezing cold. But trust me when I say we just got lucky. Do bring a jacket or blanket or both if you're planning to take the bus.

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We stopped by for a plate of Batil Patong which left us confused on how to properly eat it.

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Upon reaching Sta. Ana, we went straight to the tourism office to register. We will be staying for three days and two nights. It was only afterwards that we realized it was not enough. But you can do a day tour just to satisfy your craving. For us, we were left wanting more.

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Boat ride (rates below) would take around 20-30 minutes. For the eager, it will appear longer. It will appear shorter when going back to Sta. Ana.

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We were to settle in the barangay hall where you can rent and pitch your tent. It runs on solar energy so charge your gadgets just to be sure. Or bring a powerbank (it can save you).

It took a couple of minutes from where the boat docked to the hall. We walked on soft, wind sand with the ocean at our left and trees at our right. There were also some grave stones at some point. Wouldn't it be lovely to be buried at the shore? Your name forever facing the sea.

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We crossed a small, narrow bridge with a dry river below. That won't be our last time crossing a wooden bridge.

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We were introduced to the women of Palaui whose stories deserve another time. They welcomed us with homemade ginger tea. A drink I have been trying to copy for the past months.We ate fish, pork and vegetables for a late lunch. Afterwards, we grabbed the tent and tried to pitch it. We kind of succeeded but our guide mainly did the work. Making a mental note to learn how to pitch a tent (and maybe even buy one).

 photo palaui-412.jpg  photo palaui-409.jpg

And so we finally laid down our bags and settled. That was it - we were really in Palaui Island. And at first encounter it was already beautiful.


Boat Rates
PASAMOBA Cooperative
San Vicente, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

From Port San Vicente to:
A. Long Distance
Destination Estimated Travel Time Allowed Passengers Amount
Cape Engano 45 min 8 1,800.00
Anguib 25 min 8 1,500.00
Siwangag 30 min 8 1,500.00
Puzurubo 1 hour 8 1,800.00
B. Short Distance
Destination Estimated Travel Time Allowed Passengers Amount
Jerolinda Resort 10 min 8 300
Crocodile Island 5 min 8 500
Punta Verde 15 min 8 750
Pugo Moro 5 min 8 500

From Port San Vicente to: Additional Amount
Avalon Beach Club Php1,400.00
Orchidia Beach Resort Php1,000.00
Country Inn Php500.00
Jotay Resort Php500.00
Costa Carina Php500.00
Eden's Lodging House Php500.00
Lordwin's Resort Php150.00
Casambalangan Php1,800.00

Special Trips:
Cape Engano
Anguib Beach
Crocodile Island

For Inquiries, please contact:
Fernando Cabutin  0935-9966744
Dispatcher 0947-6340986

PALAUI NOW HAS A WEBSITE! Visit http://www.palaui.info/ if you want to know more!

(Disclaimer: some photos grabbed from Patricia Mencias)

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